For the First Time, the Public Will Be Able to See World Renowned Surfer Dave Rastovich on His Quest to Protect Our Oceans

“Cetaceans are the ultimate, and original surfers.  They are our ocean kin and it is our role to do what we can to protect their well being." ~ Dave Rastovich

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (November 5th, 2012) – Get ready to dive in the water as Saltwater Collective announced today that MINDS IN THE WATER will be released on DVD and On Demand November 13, 2012. The award winning documentary features Hayden Panettiere, Isabel Lucas, Howie Cook, Chris Del Moro, and Captain Paul Watson, with a soundtrack by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jack Johnson, and Xavier Rudd.

Follow the quest of professional surfer Dave Rastovich and his friends to protect dolphins, whales and the oceans they all share. Through Dave's journey—a five-year adventure spanning the globe from Australia to the Galapagos, Tonga, California, Alaska and Japan—we see one surfer’s quest to activate his community to help protect the ocean and its inhabitants.

Minds in the Water is a film that resonates with audiences all over the globe and from all walks of like. The Huffington Post calls it a “beautifully and brilliantly directed” film while Surfer Magazine says that it’s “Truly Inspiring.” The film has appeared in numerous festivals, where it has won Best Film accolades in categories such as Best Documentary, Films that Matter, Audience Appreciation, and Best Environmental Film. Aside from film festivals, it also has the support of some of the both Action Sports and Ocean-minded communities alike.

About Dave Rastovich [producer / lead]:

Dave is currently sponsored by Billabong International and travels the world over half the year as one of their star athletes, appearing in a select number of magazine, books and film projects each year. In addition to his extraordinary surfing ability and dedication as an ecoist, Dave is also an accomplished filmmaker and musician. His gamelan beats for Wave of Compassion won the 2006 X-Dance award for sound design. Dave directed and produced the film Life Like Liquid and has been featured in other films such as Wave of Compassion, Sprout, The Next Wave and Blue Horizon (winner of the 2005 X-Dance film festival).

About Justin Krumb [Executive Producer / Director]:
Emmy Award winning filmmaker Justin Krumb is the founder and president of The Saltwater Collective and RoughCuts Productions (RCP) and a producer-director with a focus on feature documentary and television production. For well over a decade Justin has worked on a variety of documentary and commercial projects in countless countries spanning the globe, ranging in subject matter from sports documentary and adventure travel to humanitarian and environmental issues. His television and documentary credits include The ESPN X-games, The Surfer’s Journal, First Hand, Wave of Compassion and The Next Wave: A Tsunami Relief Story. As a multi-faceted producer, Justin’s work has been shown on Fox, ESPN, Outdoor Life Network, Fuel TV, Speed Vision, National Geographic TV and PBS.

About Jonny Vasic [Executive Producer / Producer]:
Jonny Vasic is the founder and president of LA based Evergreen Oasis Entertainment, which specializes in communication with a conscience.  Formerly the International Director at Sea Shepherd, he has also worked with groups such as The HSUS, Surfers for Cetaceans and PETA. He is an award-winning filmmaker and producer of the documentary film Minds in the Water.   Jonny’s life long passion for animals combined with his experience in multi-media, lead him on a journey to make content that inspires positive change in the world.


DVD Bonus Material:
Minds in the Water Trailer
‘Making of the documentary’ interview with Director Justin Krumb
Deleted scenes - Tonga - The tale of the mermaid and swimming with humpback whales
Deleted scenes - Galapagos - A connection to Darwin
Deleted scenes - Australia - Surfing Lennox Heads
Surfers for Cetaceans PSA

Rene Ridinger or Kevin McAlpine
MPRM Communications

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Release date: April - 2012

Source: Common Ground/Byron Shire Echo- Byron Bay Film Fesitval
Minds in the Water Wins Best Environmental Film in Australia!


Byron Shire

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Release date: April 6 - 2012
Source: Huffington Post - Deborah Bassett

Vulpes Libris
More than five years in the making, Minds In The Water documents professional surfer Dave Rastovich and friends' quest to protect dolphins, whales and their ocean environment. Filmed throughout Australia, the Galapagos, Chile, Tonga, California and Japan, director Justin Krumb captures the evolution of one individual's personal mission to protect this sacred liquid arena and the native inhabitants that reside within.

The pivotal moment arose for Rastovich, known simply in the surfing world as "Rasta," while he was surfing his home break off the Gold Coast in Australia and was aided by a dolphin that fended off a tiger shark that, according to Rasta, "had his fins down and was in the zone." Shortly after the close encounter, and upon learning about the tens of thousands of dolphins brutally slaughtered off the coastal waters in Japan each year and the illegal killing of larger whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, Rasta launched a campaign to help stop the worldwide commercial slaughter of dolphins and whales. A soul surfer at heart with a profound nature of a peaceful warrior, Rasta intuitively knew that the time for action had come.
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Release date: March - 2012
Source: Surfers for Cetaceans

Punta Sayulita

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Release date: September 23- 2011
Source: ABC Sunshine Coast- Janel Shorthouse

Vulpes Libris
In Taiji Bay during the filming of The Cove in 2009, band members Shannon Sol Carroll and Owen (OJ) Newcomb wrote a song to capture the emotion that enveloped protestors who had congregated in the small town to draw attention to a dolphin kill.

Already filming Minds in the Water, filmmaker Justin Krumb heard the boys playing the song and decided to include it as the title track to the documentary.

Watch and read more on Shannon and OJ's killer interview
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Release date: August 18 - 2011

LOS ANGELES – July 26, 2011 – Artivist Film Festival announced today that “Minds In The Water,” a feature-length documentary about a professional free surfer whose mission to save dolphins—our mammalian fellows—became an international cause célèbre, will open the 2011 festival in Hollywood, August 18-20.

The Opening Night Film presentation marks the North American premiere of the film. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is the Official Opening Night NGO Partner.

The film follows the quest of professional surfer Dave “Rasta” Rastovich and his friends to protect dolphins, whales and the oceans they all share. Through a five-year adventure – from Australia to the Galapagos, Chile, California, Alaska and Japan – we see one surfer’s transformation from observer to activist in his desire to defend the seas and its inhabitants.
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Release date: August 17 - 2011
Source: Humane Society

Humane Society
Dave Rastovich used to see the ocean as his personal playground. Growing up on the Gold Coast of Australia, Rastovich became a champion professional surfer. Soon his passion for the waves expanded to include the marine life with whom he shared the waters.

Inspired by the whales and dolphins he encountered, Rastovich started learning more about the threats they faced. That's when he transformed from observer to activist.
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Release date: July 30 - 2011
Source: Vulpes Libris

Vulpes Libris
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Release date: 2011
Source: Surfing World

Surfing World pg1

Surfing World pg2

Surfing World pg3


Release date: 2010
Source: Sunday Telegraph

Breach of Trust


Release date: 2010
Source: The Sunday Telegraph

Sunday Tele

Release date: 2010
Source: Saving the Whales by Elle Watson


Release date: 2009
Source: LA Times - Transparantsea

LA Times - Transparansea

Release date: 2008
Source: Surfer Magazine


Release date: 2008
Source: Mens Journal

Mens Journal

Release date:
Source: Daily Telegraph Yakuza

Daily Telegraph

Release date:
Source: Surfer Magazine -

The Path To Taiji
Embedded with David Rastovich and his mission to save the cetaceans

by Steve Barilotti

“If you can’t do great things, then do small things in a great way.”

Taiji - Dave RastovichHALLOWEEN, 2007
Leaving Kyoto, two stops to Shinagawa Station. We are hurtling along at a disconcerting
rate, averaging 150 mph on the straightaways. So fast that we create a mini sonic boom
when exiting a long tunnel, blasting out like the bullet this train is named for.

Out the window a blur of industrialized, tropical landscape pickets by: bucolic, green, woodcut rice paddies sprouting Good Smile fishcake factories and dingy apartment blocks. Our car, rocking maternally, is loaded with somnolent mid-level office samurai nodding off over their canned coffee and thick manga comics. If they have noted our slovenly gaijin presence, they make no outward sign of it.

Across the aisle, Justin Krumb, director/producer of Minds In The Water, is sacked out
behind black wraparounds and an impenetrable hitman goatee. He’s the biggest man on
the train, a foot taller and roughly twice the size of the average Tokyo sarariman sitting in
our car. This makes him an easy track; especially since the Wakayama police took down
everybody’s passport vitals following the second Taiji event less than 48 hours ago.
I rehearse our exit plan while attempting to decipher my set of kanji-printed tickets, all
three required to cross the electronic turnstiles within the ant-farm labyrinth of Shinagawa
Station. One cross-platform change of trains, then a 45-minute feeder line to Narita International.
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Release date: 2008
Source: Earth Island Journal - Spring 2008

International Marine Mammal Project:
Saving Dolphins

by Mark J. Palmer
Earth Island Project
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Release date: 12-09-2007
Source: Surfer Magazine - September Issue


by Steve Barilotti

Dave RastovichEarlier this year SURFER reported on Dave Rastovich's quest to activate the surfing community to join the fight to save dolphins and whales from illegal commercial slaughter (see "Pirates of Compassion" March 2007). Since then, Rasta has co-founded the grassroots advocacy group Surfers for Cetaceans, and after getting a host of high-profile surfers pledging their support, he passed on a combination of Southern Hemisphere swells to head up on a fact-finding mission to Anchorage, Alaska, the site of the 59th annual International Whaling Commision (IWC) hearings.
As we reported back in March, much of Rasta's inspiration for rallying the surf community stems from a meeting he had with Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and one of Rasta's personal heroes. "His book, Ocean Warrior, changed my life," said Rasta. Watson, a renowned defender of whales and dolphins, is best known for confronting and even disabling lawbreakers on the high seas. He's even gone as far as sinking illegal whaling fleets in harbor.

More info:
> Surfer Magazine


Taiji OfficialsTaiji officials: Dolphin meat ‘toxic waste’

(Note: The Save Japan Dolphins Coalition, which includes Elsa Nature Conservancy of Japan, Earth Island, Animal Welfare Institute, and In Defense of Animals, has achieved a remarkable breakthrough in getting stories published in Japanese newspapers about the dolphin slaughter in Taiji. Here, two town council members from the whaling town of Taiji come out publicly against the use of mercury-poisoned pilot whale meat in Japan’s school lunch programs. Coalition members Sakae Hemi of Elsa and Ric O’Barry deserve huge credit for breaking this amazing front-page story. This type of coverage of the dolphin killing and mercury scandal has never happened in Japan. The Save Japan Dolphins Coalition's efforts are having a tremendous and remarkable effect. For more information, go to: – David Phillips and Mark J. Palmer)

Photo: Richard O'Barry of Save Japan Dolphins Coalition interviews two Taiji Town Council Members on the dangers of mercury poisoning from dolphin meat in school lunch programs.
Boyd Harnell photo.

> More from the Japan Times


press 3Tokyo sanctions an extended cull of Taiji dolphins

from the Japan Times

Special to The Japan Times
Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2007

The photos accompanying this article were shot covertly despite escalating intimidation by members of the Isana Fishery Union in Taiji, Wakayama Prefecture, who appear to be increasingly fearful that continuing publicity in Japan and abroad will threaten their widely condemned but profitable annual dolphin slaughter.

> More from the Japan Times


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